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Deadliest Ballbusters Duo: Jade Indica And Domina Nyx use the ALL-NEW Slice & Smash Combo Attack To Achieve Highest Points In Deadliest Ballbusters History!

rnTHE SLICE AND SMASH COMBO ATTACK STRATEGY, IS WHEN BOTH ATHLETES EQUIP THEIR SHARPEST AND POINTIEST BOOTS IN AN ATTEMPT TO MAXIMIZE THE PAIN AND DAMAGE SCORE TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL! The first half of this deadly combo focuses on rapid full force kicks aimed at the entire genital region with the goal of quickly accumulating swelling and damage. In the second phase, the athletes begin precisely shredding apart the slaves cock and testicles with their sharpest toe points. Now that the bl@@d has accumulated in the genitals, they become extra susceptable to piercing attacks! In addition, Knowing that cock shots and penile damage give bonuses to the score, Domina Nyx and Jade revel in excitement when their toe points and heel edges pierce into the slave's trouser snake. They know this is going to mean big points for the both of them! Due to the number of cock shots, Domina Nyx felt it was only approriate to give them twice the time for this most painfull and damaging round, giving her team nearly quadrouple the time to inflict incredible damage during that round. (duo tag teams normally get twice the time per round) *battle damage is too severe to exhibit*To see many more exclusive Ballbusting clips with Domina Nyx visit Domina Nyx Loves Ballbusting for a private session with Domina Nyx Visit her Domina Nyx Homepage or send her an email at DOMINANYX@GMAIL.COM.

Length : 07:02   Category : Ballbusting
File Size : 152 Mb   Added : 2012-05-11 22:25:51
File Format : wmv    
Price: $9.99 USD
Length: 07:02 minutes

Deadliest Ballbusters Trio! (Domina Nyx, Jade Indica, And Addie Juniper!)

rnThe gorgeous Native American Goddess Domina Nyx leads the charge with Jade Indica and Addie Juniper in an awesomely brutal Deadliest Ballbusters Triple Team Ballkicxking Exhibition Round!As one may have already guessed, A ballkicking of this magnitude did indeed leave some messy battle damage. *WE HAVE INCLUDED THE BATTLE DAMAGE IN THIS CLIP FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY* The practice dummie was leaking a dab of red liquid from its cock head. This was proof of a great job in the damage category, as cock Bl##d definetely results in a higher damage score. However, the leakage is a truly small amount so we figure it shouldn't be a major problem if we keep it in for a short while. We are going to replace it with an edited version within the next few days, so act quickly if you want to see the uncut devastation while you still can!

Length : 08:37   Category : Ballbusting
File Size : 195 Mb   Added : 2012-05-11 22:22:11
File Format : wmv    
Price: $9.99 USD
Length: 08:37 minutes

Domina Nyx Extreme Branding Torture Sequence(Burst Capillaries, Chemical Acid, And Fire Branding)

rnThe worlds most genuine and infamous Sexual Sadist Domina Nyx uses a multitude of methods to permanently place her DN initials into the slave's body. She uses a chipped glass spoon to cut and burst the capillaries underneath the skin to form a massive bruised DN, she slathers a flamable gel on top of a DN carved abrasion and lights it on fire to brand it in for life, and then she forms a DN with a chemical acid and even adds baking soda on top to cause a chemical reaction that bubbles and burns the flesh on top of yet another giant DN. This is the most extreme and creative branding clip you will ever find on clips4sale, (until our next one of course.)

Length : 26:31   Category : Ballbusting
File Size : 599 Mb   Added : 2012-05-11 22:16:49
File Format : wmv    
Price: $14.99 USD
Length: 26:31 minutes

The Best Kicks By Amazon Goddess Victoria!(also features exclusive content!)

rnAmazon Goddess Victoria is over 6 foot tall and is a true amazon deserving of the name. She is also one of our strongest ballbusters of all-time with vast experience in the martial arts! She is a lifestyle dominant 24/7 and is a true sadist. You also get to see exclusive footage which includes a boot worship scene

Length : 05:37   Category : Ballbusting
File Size : 127 Mb   Added : 2012-05-11 22:03:34
File Format : wmv    
Price: $7.99 USD
Length: 05:37 minutes

Deadliest Ballbusters Ultimate Tournament! ( Mistress Maya Midnight Unleashes Her Inner Sadist!)

rnThe genuine sadist aficionado is going to love this intense round of Deadliest Ballbusters. Mistress Maya Midnight may not be an extreme athlete but she is absolutely an extreme sadist, and it shows! The way that Mistres Maya Midnight feeds off of the practice dummies pain responce is reminiscent of what a true sadist looks like while destroying a pair of helpless genitals!

Length : 02:32   Category : Ballbusting
File Size : 57 Mb   Added : 2012-05-11 21:54:38
File Format : wmv    
Price: $4.99 USD
Length: 02:32 minutes

Domina Nyx MMA Fighter Lifestyle Domination( Postworkout sneaker licking, sweat worship, and Ballbusting!)

Domina Nyx has returned from a high intensity MMA workout at the gym and has the slave laying down by the couch beneathe her. She has it lick the dirt and mud from her sneaker then very quickly transitions to a round of brutal Ball stomping and Ballbusting.She places her sweaty towel right over its face and has him worship her goddess sweat, right before continuing to pummel its genitals with her ultra powerfull MMA trained legs!

Length : 04:59   Category : Ballbusting
File Size : 113 Mb   Added : 2012-05-11 21:48:15
File Format : wmv    
Price: $6.99 USD
Length: 04:59 minutes

Extreme Ballbusting Torture!

This clip takes place directly after Domina Nyx sliced into the slaves chest and belly with sharp metal pins attached to her heels. In an effort to maximize trauma, she arms herself and Mistress Varla with the most brutal corporal instruments she can find and they takke turns whipping and beating the slaves sliced up body with them! At the same time, they take turns delivering their absolutely hardest punts to its cock and balls. they also take turns whipping its cock and balls and show no mercy at all as the slave dances and squirms around in immense pain.

Length : 06:10   Category : Ballbusting
File Size : 140 Mb   Added : 2012-05-11 21:36:26
File Format : wmv    
Price: $8.99 USD
Length: 06:10 minutes

Domina Nyx and Mistress Maya Midnight Love Slicing Chunks From Testicles! TOP CHOICE NOVEMBER CLIP!

( ALSO INCLUDES BEHIND THE SCENES FOOTAGE/DAMAGE/PART 2 PROFILE OF A SEXUAL SADIST COVERAGE FOR A LIMITED TIME!) Domina Nyx teams up with top notch pro domme sadist Mistress Maya Midnight in this epic Ballbusting torture clip. Domina Nyx brought with her an extraordinarily brutal arsenal of sadistic implements of torture including the pair of heels she is wearing in this video. On the way over, she methodically sharpened her heels in preperation to cause major testicular trauma for her own sadistic pleasure. As a result, all it took was two straight heel kick slices to tear through its testicles. After which, Domina Nyx and Mistress Maya Midnight continued slamming their pointed boots into its balls making the beautifull red liquid erupt outwards (all true sexual sadists are excited by the sight of ). As the such, this clip proved to be one of the most intensely sadistic and brutal combinations of beauty, action, intensity, and sadism we have ever featured on the studio. And as all of our fans know by now, that is saying A LOT! Mistress Maya Midnight as well is absolutely a diamond in rough when it comes to Ballbusting. She lists it as her number one favorite sadistic activity and has a truly genuine love for extreme female domination and torture. in fact, she even insisted on staying over on her own time so she could watch the extreme torture scenes that followed with Domina Nyx. We highly recommend her to all fans of Ballbusting and Female Domination

Length : 06:52   Category : Ballbusting
File Size : 148 Mb   Added : 2012-03-05 14:51:17
File Format : wmv    
Price: $8.99 USD
Length: 06:52 minutes

Deadliest Ballbusters Duo: (Mistress Maya Midnight and Jade Indica Tear through flesh!)

Mistress Maya Midnight and Jade Indica combine forces in such a severe round of Deadliest Ballbusters its almost hard to watch!

Length : 05:20   Category : Ballbusting
File Size : 121 Mb   Added : 2012-03-05 14:21:50
File Format : wmv    
Price: $6.99 USD
Length: 05:20 minutes

Charlie's Angels Ballbusting Interrogation! (The Jewel Thief Gets Neutered!)

Charlies most ruthless Angels have caught a jewel thief and need to extract information from their captive. They tie him up in a chair with his naked balls exposed and slam their deadly boots and shoes into its genitals. It just won't talk, so they refuse to stop kicking. They give its cock and balls a savage pounding while aiming their toe points directly into its privates. The helpless captive is forced to either give up his jewels, or hand back the diamonds! (They aim to take away both!) *DO NOT LET THE ORIGINAL CHARLIES ANGELS FOOL YOU, THIS CLIP IS EXTRAORDINARILY SEVERE*

Length : 04:11   Category : Ballbusting
File Size : 95 Mb   Added : 2012-03-05 14:18:31
File Format : wmv    
Price: $6.99 USD
Length: 04:11 minutes

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